Why People Have Sex Change Surgery

Why People Have Sex Change Surgery

For people who want to have sex change surgery, the reasons why they want it is usually so obvious to them that it is painful. However, not everyone understands the need to for this surgery, or what drives transexual and transgendered individuals to seek it, and it can always be handy to have words to wrap around these concepts and explain them a little better. The issues that are behind why an individual chooses to have sex change surgery is can be very varied, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

In many cases, sex change surgery is a part, usually a very large part, of making a person's outside match the concept of themselves that they carry in their heads. While most people will complain at one point or another in their lives about the bodies they are born with, for someone who is affected by gender identity disorder, the distress at their bodies they way they stand are deeply distressing. The body that they are in feels wrong, and in many ways, they feel deeply uncomfortable and even angry to be living in a body that is so different from the one that they feel should be theirs.

Many people refuse to call gender identity disorder a psychological problem at all; they point to the fact that it is literally the only psychological disorder for which there is a perfectly effective physical cure. Indeed, for many people, after the performance of sex change surgery, there is a great deal of relief in that they finally have a body that is “right.” Given the fact that this distress may have been going on since early childhood if not earlier, this relief is immense.

Sex change surgery can be performed on intersex individuals, where the gender they were assigned at birth is different from the one that they feel is right. In many cases, intersex individuals were born with genitalia that was somehow ambiguous, oftentimes leading their parents to pick a gender that could then be assigned surgically. In many cases, children who are intersexed grow up with feelings of intense body dysphoria, unaware of the circumstances of their birth. Sex change surgery to them can be a way of asserting themselves the identity that they feel that they should have had all along.

For many people, sex change surgery is a way to bring their body into alignment with what they feel is right. It is a way for them to present themselves to the world in a way that they feel is more honest and more correct. The choice to have sex change surgery is never an easy one, and the process to get sex change surgery is even more difficult than that, and for many people who choose to commit to it, the way is quite long and arduous. However one top reason that many people choose to have sex change surgery is that the alternative is unthinkable.

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Why People Have Sex Change Surgery

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